Backend Engineer (PHP/Symfony)



Type de contrat: CDI

Lieu: Lille

Expérience minimum: tout niveau

Rémunération: selon profil

A propos de Scaleway:

Scaleway is a cloud computing company proposing a complete & simple public ecosystem, bare metal servers & private datacenter.

Description du poste:

Scaleway is a fast-growing cloud company. We are headquarted in Paris with a hub in Lille. We are a bunch of talented people, working to build a better Internet. Our mission is to make infrastructure services easy again. We deeply care about supporting the growth of all our employees and making sure they feel professionally fulfilled.


10 reasons to work @ Scaleway:

  • Work with the best technology and the best technologists.
  • Be a strong voice in the product development lifecycle.
  • Work in an open source friendly environment.
  • We have amazing working spaces, "La Maison" in the heart of Paris and Lille.
  • Work in a fast moving environment.
  • Contributing to high-level strategy in collaboration with our executive and product teams.
  • Learn new things everyday.
  • Work on products you use everyday.
  • Extremely attractive salary and benefits package.
  • We love what we do and love to be the best at what we do.


The system

This is 100% not the typical job, the typical team or the typical day!

  • Our managers are coders too and the original authors of our products! It can't be otherwise: we build tech services, by tech people, for tech customers.
  • You won't be a YAMLOps engineer! You will code everyday to improve our infrastructure.
  • Your colleagues will be your customers, so your coding must be superb!
  • Your APIs will be equally consumed by yourself, the whole company and our clients. Eat your own dog food!
  • You're not going to write any UI! We have a fantastic dedicated Front-End team for that!
  • You won't exclusively perform engineering activities. In line with the DevOps movement, you will be responsible for the code you write: its quality, deployment, and monitoring.
  • We are not looking for old-school System Administrators. We're not going to deploy one-off architectures, but create meta-structures: a software factory for others to create their own.


We need you to care about your code and its effects on our customers. As a result, we need independent and self-organized individual contributors who know how to work in the teams.


Your team

You will be a part of the Compute team but your scope will cover all the aspects of server management, from booting to networking. In this team, all opinions matter. You will be able to talk about our culture, architectures and technologies used everyday.

Your job consists of answering to our customer needs by turning them into concrete features or products.

Another mission of the team is to split apart the legacy systems by making autonomous microservices.

All the team members, will share their knowledge, so you will be able to improve your skills in other languages, architecture, etc. In return be ready to share your own strengths :)


The day-to-day activities

  • Work on a platform that was built in-house, from the ground up. You're not alone and will work side-by-side with the original authors.
  • Create and document developer-friendly APIs to help our users adopt the product fast and without pain. You're lucky: the consumer of our products are like-minded developers.
  • Review code contributed by other team members. We're not organized as a hierarchy, but in a peer-to-peer fashion.
  • Find the right balance between elegant solutions and time-to-market. We're neither dogmatic or kludgy, our framework should reflect that.
  • Collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines:
    • SREs, front-end developers, customer success technicians, compliance officers,
    • internal helpdesk, trust and safety team,
    • sales, bookkeepers, internal auditors.
    • manage products, users, offers.
  • Optimize systems for performance, scalability, anti-fragility and maintainability.
  • Automate the production of insights from the trove of data we are sitting on.
  • Integrate external APIs.
  • Give back to the community by contributing to open-source projects.


Who you are

  • Ready to tackle a complex ecosystem to make it seem trivial for everyone around you.
  • You like or would love to write PHP code.
  • You naturally apply development good practices: version control, testing, documentation.
  • Good understanding and practice of Linux administration.
  • Not afraid of killing legacy systems. And not let your systems becoming ones.
  • You have a security mindset, can establish a threat model, remediate vulnerabilities, keep an audit trail and identify design flaws.
  • You care about the privacy of our user's data.
  • Know how to tame the wilderness of internet (dDOS, brute-force attacks, phishing, ...).
  • You have an eye for details. Kind nitpickers are welcome: our pricing goes down to the micro-cents scale.
  • You code, and write your documentation and tickets in English.


You will get bonus points for having experience with these:

  • High-performance APIs.
  • Operating large-scale, distributed, business-critical systems.
  • Falsehoods programmers believe in.
  • Mentoring beginner developers.


You're familiar with the same technologies we use everyday:

  • Open-source ecosystems.
  • PHP (Symfony).
  • PHP libs like Orm, guzzle, bundle, swagger, ... .
  • RabbitMq
  • Mysql.
  • Redis.
  • Memcached.
  • PostgreSQL (Master/Slave architecture, partitioning, ...).
  • REST APIs.
  • Linux.
  • Kubernetes & Docker.
  • Salt.
  • Git, GitLab.

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